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16小時瑜伽輪 (二級) 導師課程

Registration Open

EARLY BIRD: $3800 (Until 31 May 2024)



The Advanced 16-Hour Yoga Wheel (Level 2) Teacher Training Course is a comprehensive program that caters to all yoga practitioners and professional yoga instructors who want to take their understanding and mastery of the yoga wheel to the next level.

In this course, you will be challenged to push your limits by engaging in more complex exercises that focus on core strength, backbends, inversions, and balance. You will also get a chance to explore the depth of Asanas and learn their variations with the use of a yoga wheel. Additionally, you will learn about Bandhas, the energy locks in the body, and how to use them to enhance stability and internal strength.

The course also covers advanced anatomy and physiology theories, which will help you understand the impact of each Asana on your body and how the yoga wheel can facilitate them. You will also learn advanced adjustment methods and safety measures, which are crucial for effective yoga teaching.

Finally, the course will guide you on the composition of a full and versatile yoga wheel class, ensuring that your class excites and satisfies all practitioners.

The Level 2 course builds on the foundations introduced in the Level 1 course and dives deeper into advanced practices, physiological aspects, and safety measures. As a prerequisite, you should have at least six months of yoga wheel experience or have completed the Level 1 Yoga Wheel Training Course. This prerequisite ensures that you have laid down a solid foundation to safely increase the complexity and intensity of the yoga wheel practice. If you don't have enough practice experience to join the Level 2 course, we offer a bundled package that includes admission to both our Level 1 and Level 2 Yoga Wheel Teacher Training courses at an exclusive discounted price of $6600.

*This training course is a YACEP course recognized by Yoga Alliance. The hours you learn can be accumulated and certified as YACEP learning hours.


・Advanced Yoga Wheel Practices: Master complex exercises focusing on core strength, backbends, inversions, and balance.
・Asana Depth: Explore Asanas deeply and learn their variations with the yoga wheel.
・Bandhas: Understand and implement these energy locks for enhanced stability and strength.
・Advanced Anatomy and Physiology: Learn the impact of Asanas on the body and how the yoga wheel facilitates them.
・Safety and Adjustments: Master advanced safety techniques and adjustment methods.
・Class Composition: Learn to craft a versatile and engaging yoga wheel class.


Section 1: Advanced Yoga Wheel Practice
・Core strengthening exercises with yoga wheel
・Backbends techniques
・Inversions and Balance practices

Section 2: Deep Asana Exploration
・Detailed study of Asanas
・Learning Asana variation with yoga wheel

Section 3: Understanding and Implementing Bandhas
・Concept and benefits of Bandhas
・Practice methods for stability and strength

Section 4: Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
・Advanced theories related to yoga
・In-depth understanding of Asana impacts on the body
・Yoga wheel's role in facilitating Asanas

Section 5: Safety Measures and Adjustment Techniques
・Advanced adjustment methods for effective teaching
・In-depth learning of safety measures

Section 6: Class Composition and Teaching Skills
・Learning to create a full and versatile yoga wheel class
・Techniques to engage and excite practitioners

Completion: This programme is accredited by Yoga Alliance and provides YACEP learning hours.

To graduate and receive a certificat of completion from this programme, 100% attendance is required. Class attendance will be taken throughout the training.


Our accreditation exam consists of a written test and a practical evaluation.

1. Written test: covers theory-based questions on Yoga Wheel techniques, body dynamics, yogic breathing, human anatomy, safety measures, adjustment skills, and class planning.

2. Practical evaluation: involves teaching a Yoga Wheel session, showcasing your teaching skills, interaction with the body, performing Asana practices, implementing safety measures, and making posture adjustments.

Upon the successful completion of both examinations, you will be awarded the Course Completion Certificate, which is accredited by Yoga Alliance.

*Flying Fairy offers a free reassessment to candidates who do not pass the exam on the first attempt. The reassessment will be conducted on the same day. However, if the candidate fails to pass the examination on the second attempt, an arrangement fee of HK$800 will be levied on each subsequent reassessment.




Reach out to our Teacher Training Director via Email at or WhatsApp at +852 6565 3249.


MAX. 10 PAX (MIN. 3 PAX)


30 JUN & 1 JUL 2024

10:00 - 18:00



This training course requires 6 months of yoga wheel practice or completion of yoga wheel Level 1 teacher training.


This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance. Upon completing the training, you will receive a certificate of completion that qualifies as continuing education.

*By booking this training and making payment, you are deemed to have read, understood, agreed and accepted our Terms & Conditions.

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