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Why Is Workplace Wellness Important?

Workplace wellness program is getting popular these days and more and more business are taking it seriously. Your people are your greatest asset therefore, keeping them healthy and happy and maintaining their work-life balance is paramount to your company’s success.

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Our Services

A good workplace wellness program should be totally tailored to your organisation. Every company has different challenges and different staff. We will design a wellness program specifically for your team based on your needs and requests.

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Online Classes

Live streaming private Yoga, Meditation, Pilates or Fitness classes with our instructors. 

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Hiking Trips

Our licensed professional mountaineer will plan a suitable route according to your requests and lead you and your team to explore the beauty of Hong Kong.

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Team Building

A tailor made yoga or fitness session for your team building events. It gets the colleagues involved in a physical activity, and leaves them feeling revitalised afterwards 

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Private Classes

Private Yoga, Meditation, Pilates or Fitness classes at your office or our studio.

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Yoga Retreats

Are you looking for something special for your company trip? Our specialist can tailor a yoga retreat or bootcamp for you!

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Corporate Rates

Get corporate rates for your staff to have the flexibility to access our classes at the studio. 

Let's Partner

Our goal is to implement fully tailored mindful programs for your business and team, to best impact the health and happiness of your staff.

1. Which services are you intereste in?
2. Where do you want to be?
3. For how many people?
4. How Often?
5. What is your budget?
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Let's Partner
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