Aerial Hammock / Aerial Sling

Not as lucky as other people, Cheryl used to be confused about her goals in life for a very long time. Until one day, out of curiosity, she took her first aerial yoga class, and that was life changing to her.


After years of practice, Cheryl has completed The 20Hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Hong Kong and The Level 2 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in 2019 and started her aerial hammock teaching life ever since. 

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Aerial Hammock / Yoga

Wing was first exposed to aerial yoga in 2017. By practicing aerial yoga, she found her text neck pain slowly went away and that was the moment she found her passion for yoga. 

Wing has completed her 20Hr Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, Level 2 Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and RYT200 in 2019 and 20Hr Yoga Wheel Teacher Training in 2020. "To complete all these intense programs within just one year is never easy, but you will not get tired when you are learning something you truly enjoy."

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Aerial Hoop / Aerial Hammock / Aerial Sling

Beatrice's "air-dance" journey begins with pole dancing in 2016, and gradually get into all kind of aerial arts the following years.


Beatrice is a Xpert and YACEP certificated aerial hoop, aerial yoga and yoga wheel instructor with almost 3 years of teaching experience. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills with her students and create a fun and friendly learning environment for everyone to enjoy the gratefulness of air dancing.

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Yoga / Aerial Hammock

"10 years ago, I never thought I'd be a yoga teacher. Because I was an inactive person, I didn't have any interest in exercise at all." Rainbow said. Then how did she end up getting into yoga? Unexpectedly, she slipped on the floor and sprained her ankle. Since then she decided to practice yoga to improve her balancing and fitness level to prevent the same thing from happening again. 

​After years of practice, Rainbow is already a certificated aerial hammock and RYT200 yoga teacher. Her teaching philosophy is very simple: If I can do it, everyone can do it!



Yoga / Aerial Yoga

Trista started her yoga path since 2015 and she has been practicing traditional Ashtanga flow inspired by her teacher ever since. 

Trista has completed RYT200, 60Hr Fly Yoga and Xpert Aerial Hoop Teacher Training. In her class, she emphasizes structural body and physical alignment. She likes using yoga props to relax and stretch deeply.

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Yoga / Aerial Hoop / Aerial Hammock

Natalie is an expert certified teacher in a number of areas including pole dancing, aerial hoop, yoga and aerial yoga since 2015. With an abundance of stage performing experience, her expertise extends to relatable areas such as pole fitness and sport science more generally. Spunky, talented and friendly, she can further exhibit movements through posing for both beginners and passionate aerialholics.

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Yoga Instructor

Prior to learning yoga, Stephanie was an amateur ice skater. At the beginning of practicing yoga, Stephanie was just like the majority of people who have never been exposed to yoga - She thought yoga was a tool for stretching only. But when she devoted more time to understand yoga, she fell in love with it and she decided to turn her hobby into career. 

After almost 10 years of practice. Stephanie has finally completed her RYT200 in Koh Samui and living her dream.

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Prenatal Yoga / Aerial Hoop

YAMA is a certificated RYT200, prenatal yoga, aerial yoga, aerial hoop and yoga wheel instructor. Besides, she is also a certificated TRX and personal trainer as she understands the importance of staying fit and strong yet flexible. 

She believes "Yoga is a way of life", by practicing yoga regularly life could become better. 

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Aerial Hoop

3 years ago, Cynthia started her first pole dancing class with the goal of "losing thigh fat". To master the pole dancing skills, she started practicing yoga to improve her flexibility. She was encouraged by her mentor to join different kind of teacher training programs. She is now a certificated RYT200 and Aerial Hoop instructor. 

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Anson is a professional personal trainer. He enjoys doing all kind of sports to keep him in the best possible condition. 


Suspension Training Coach Certificate

Fitness Thai Boxing Instructor Certificate

Myofascial Foam Roller Exercise Certificate

Foundation Certificate in Sports and Exercise Nutrition