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Confirmed (已成班)

DISCOUNT: $5000 (First 5 applicants)



Our 40-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course is a Yoga Alliance-accredited YACEP course. This course is designed for Yoga practitioners who want to deepen their understanding of Yin Yoga, as well as for those who are already working in the Yoga industry and want to expand their teaching skills. The course will be conducted over a period of 8 weeks, with classes held every Saturday from 13:00 - 18:00. This relaxed pace allows for plenty of time to absorb the information and practice the techniques learned in each class.

The course will cover a range of Yin Yoga poses and sequences, including variations and modifications for different body types and levels of flexibility. You will also learn how to use props such as blocks, bolsters and straps to support and deepen your practice, and how to guide students in their use of these props.

In addition to the physical practice of Yin Yoga, you will also learn how to incorporate pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation into your classes, and how to create a safe and nurturing environment for your students.

*The study hours for this course may be applied towards our 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course and are eligible for YACEP hour accreditation.

我們的40小時陰瑜伽導師課程為美國瑜伽聯盟認可的 YACEP 課程。 本課程專門為想加深對陰瑜伽認識的人士而設。該課程將持續 8 週,每週六 13:00 - 18:00 上課。 這種輕鬆的上課節奏讓你有足夠的時間來吸收課堂的資訊和練習在課程中學習到的技巧。

本課程將涵蓋一系列陰瑜伽的動作和序列,包括針對不同體型和柔韌性水平的變化和調整。 你還將學習到如何使用瑜伽磚、瑜伽枕和拉筋帶等工具來協助你的練習,以及如何指導學生使用這些工具。




- Understand the principles and philosophy of Yin Yoga
- Develop a deeper understanding of the anatomy
- Learn Yin Yoga poses, sequences and variations
- Learn modifications for different body types and flexibility levels
- Learn how to use props to deepen the practice
- Incorporate pranayama and meditation into Yin Yoga
- Develop teaching skills and create a safe environment

- 了解陰瑜伽的原理和哲學
- 加深對解剖學的理解
- 學習陰瑜伽的動作、序列和演變
- 學習針對不同體型和靈活性程度的調整
- 學習如何使用瑜伽工具來加強練習
- 將調息和冥想融入陰瑜伽
- 發展教學技能並創造安全的學習環境


UNIT 1 - Introduction to Yin Yoga
- Overview of the course
- Introduction to Yin Yoga principles and philosophy
- Mindfulness and meditation

第一單元 - 陰瑜伽簡介
- 課程概述
- 介紹陰瑜伽的原理和哲學
- 正念和冥想

UNIT 2 - Anatomy of the Body
- Introduction to the connective tissues, joints, and muscles
- Understanding the benefits and limitations of Yin Yoga
- The nervous system and the relaxation response

單元 2 - 人體解剖學
- 介紹結締組織、關節和肌肉
- 了解陰瑜伽的好處和限制
- 神經系統和放鬆反應

UNIT 3 - Yin Yoga Poses and Sequences
- Basic to intermediate Yin Yoga poses and sequences
- Variations and modifications for different body types and flexibility levels
- The use of props in Yin Yoga

單元 3 - 陰瑜伽動作和串連
- 基礙到中級陰瑜伽的動作和串連
- 針對不同體型和靈活性程度的變化和調整
- 瑜伽工具的使用

UNIT 4 - Teaching Skills
- How to create a safe and nurturing environment
- The art of sequencing a Yin Yoga class
- The use of language and cues
- The art of observation and adjustments
- How to work with injuries and limitations

單元 4 - 教學技巧
- 如何創造一個安全和有效的學習環境
- 規劃陰瑜伽課堂的技巧
- 說話和指導的方法
- 如何觀察和調整
- 如何指導受傷或有特殊需要的人士

UNIT 5 - Pranayama and Meditation
- The role of pranayama in Yin Yoga
- Introduction to meditation techniques
- Incorporating pranayama and meditation into Yin Yoga

單元 5 - 呼吸法和冥想
- 呼吸法在陰瑜伽中的作用
- 冥想技巧介紹
- 將呼吸法和冥想融入陰瑜伽

UNIT 6 - Exam and assessment
- Group teaching practice
- Final review and assessment

單元 6 - 考試和評估
- 小組教學練習
- 考試和評估


Attendance and Participation (30%)
- Attendance and participation in all classes are required
- Active participation in discussions, group activities, and practice session is expected
- Missing more than one class may result in ineligibility for the certificate of completion

出席率和參與度 (30%)
- 需要出席和參與所有課堂
- 積極參與討論、小組活動和練習課
- 錯過一堂以上的課程可能會導致沒有資格獲得結業證書

Teaching Project (40%)
- Students will work in groups to plan and teach a Yin Yoga class
- The project will be evaluated based on class plan, poses and sequences, use of props, communication skills, and ability to create a safe environment.

- 學生將分規劃和教授陰瑜伽課堂
- 該項目將根據課堂規劃、動作和串連、工具的使用、溝通技巧以及創造安全環境的能力進行評估。

Exam and Assessment (30%)
- The final assessment will test knowledge and skills in Yin Yoga
- It may include written and practical components, such as multiple-choice questions, short essays, and a demonstration of teaching skills

考試和評估 (30%)
- 導師將評估學生對陰瑜伽的知識和技能
- 包括筆試和實踐考試,例如多項選擇題和教學技巧演示




立即電郵至 或 WhatsApp +852 6565 3249 ​聯絡我們的導師課程總監。


MAX. 13 PAX (MIN. 3 PAX)


1 OCT - 19 NOV (SUN)

13:00 - 18:00



This teacher training course is open to those who have THREE months of experience in yoga practice.


Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance.
此導師培訓課程已獲得美國瑜伽聯盟的認可。畢業後,您將獲得畢業證書,您可以通過該證書在美國瑜伽聯盟註冊 Continuing Education時數。

*通過報名課程並付款,您將被視為已閱讀、理解、同意並接受我們的 Terms & Conditions.

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