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Wheel Yoga (Level 2) Teacher Training

18 & 25 June (Sunday)

HK$3800 - Early Bird Price (Until 1 Feb 2023)

HK$4800- Full Price


The training will be held at our Wan Chai studio across 2 consecutive Sundays from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

June: 18, 25


This teacher training course is open to those who have SIX months of experience in wheel yoga.


This teacher training course will be taught in Cantonese, and the class manuals will be in English.


Bring a Friend
HK$100 off per person

Existing RYT300 students
HK$3600 per person

Enrol with Level 1 Wheel TTC


This teacher training course is fully accredited with Yoga Alliance. Upon graduation you will be awarded a certification of completion with which you can register with Yoga Alliance as continuing education.

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*By booking this training and making payment, you are deemed to have read, understood, agreed and accepted our Terms & Conditions.


Our 16-hour Wheel Yoga (Level 2) Teacher Training Course is an advanced training course. During this program, you will have a better understanding of the connection between the yoga wheel and the human body. We will introduce and practice more advanced Asana and explain how to arrange lessons for different levels of class so that you can become a professional wheel yoga teacher and bring your yoga practice to the next level.

This course requires at least six months of wheel yoga experience. If you are new to wheel yoga, please refer to Wheel Yoga (Level 1) Teacher Training


  • Equip yourself with advanced knowledge of Wheel Yoga and build upon it throughout the course

  • Delve into the anatomy and physiology of Wheel Yoga that integrates with your Asana knowledge – how different Asanas benefit the body, the contraindications, how to execute the poses safely, and variations that cater to different bodies

  • Gain a profound understanding of the various Wheel Yoga poses and sequences in order to execute them safely and effectively by yourself and with your students

  • Find your own teaching voice as well as build your confidence and ability in teaching authentic and inclusive Wheel Yoga classes

  • Connect with like-minded students and teachers to share and learn new ways to grow as a practitioner, teacher and community


- Asana practice with Advanced Sequence (core, arms, hips & legs, back care)

- Detailed Anatomy and Physiology

- Voice and perceptual guidance

- Balancing and Inversion Sequence

- Yin, Mindfulness & Restorative Sequence

- Asana disassembly, variation, and teaching skills

- Class planning tools

- Pose adjustment and difficulty arrangement

- Examination

- Certificates distribution

We require 100% attendance to graduate and receive a certificate of completion from this program. Class attendance will be taken throughout the training.


Exams are conducted in two parts, written and practical.

- Written Exam: You'll have multiple-choice questions.
- Practical Exam: We will conduct verbal question-and-answer sessions about wheel yoga, the postures, and teaching techniques.

Upon successful completion of both exams, you will receive the Course Completion Certificate.


*Flying Fairy offers a free reassessment for those who failed the exam for the first time. The reassessment will be held on the same day. If you fail to pass the exam the second time, an HK$800 arrangement fee will be applied to each following reassessment(s).


  • Get in touch with us to get the promo code for the special offer. (If applicable)

  • Sign up for the training program online.

  • You’ll be received a confirmation email once you've made the payment.


Reach out to our Teacher Training Director via Email at or WhatsApp at +852 6565 3249.



Course Trainer

Stephanie is a former ice skater. She initially started practising Yoga to increase her flexibility to improve her performance on the ice rink. But after practising Yoga for some time, she found that Yoga is not only changing her body physically but also mentally.

In more than ten years of yoga practice, Stephanie has met many mentors, friends and students in Hong Kong and abroad. She believes that Yoga is more than just Asana. The practice and lifestyle of Yoga are not just about the perfect posture. It's about creating a deeper connection and awareness of ourselves. And she hopes to pass on this message and philosophy to every student in her class.

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