Your safety is our first priority. We are focused on ensuring that Flying Fairy provide a safety and comfortable environment for our students and instructors. We have adopted precautionary measures in our studio to maintain to protect all of our members since the pandemic outbreak. With the heightened number of confirmed cases, we will continue to implement enhanced safety measures in line with the latest advisory issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

1. Students must fill in a form with their real names or use the LeaveHomeSafe app to register for the class
2. Students must check their body temperature before class. If anyone’s body temperatures is higher than 37.2° will not be allowed to continue the class and please seek medical advise as soon as possible
3. Please wash your hands with hand sanitiser before class, and use alcohol to disinfect all equipment before and after every used
4. Mask on at all times
5. The capacity of each class will maintain maximum 3 persons. Some class will be separated by partition and conducted in the form of two classes at the same time.
6. All instructor must take the covid test every 14 days
7. All instructor must ensure that all students comply with the above measures
8. If we found any students have not followed the above measures or violated the rules , we have the right to ask you to leave the studio immediately and there will be no refund for the related class.