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Aerial Hoop (Level 2) Teacher Training

14 & 21 May (Sunday)

HK$4000 - Early Bird Price (Until 1 April 2023)

HK$4800- Full Price


The training will be held at our Wan Chai studio across 2 consecutive Sundays from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

May: 14 & 21


This teacher training course is open to those with a minimum of ONE year of experience in aerial hoop or completed Hoop Level 1 TTC.


This teacher training course will be taught in Cantonese, and the course manuals will be in English.


Bring a Friend
HK$100 off per person

Existing package holder
HK$3500 per person

Enrol with Level 1 Hoop TTC


Upon graduation you will be awarded a certification of completion.

*By booking this training and making payment, you are deemed to have read, understood, agreed and accepted our Terms & Conditions.


Our 14-Hour Aerial Hoop (Level 2) Teacher Training Course focuses on developing the basic skills taught at the Level 1 Instructor Course while adding on the next block of moves, including an introduction to the top bar, easy drops, and dynamic movement.

This course requires at least One Year of aerial hoop practice or completion of our Aerial Hoop (Level 1) Teacher Training. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a certification of completion.


At this point in your instructor training, we start expanding your knowledge of core concepts such as training lifting, execution, and clean movement. We will then expand your instructional toolbox, giving you a range of teaching methods that work effectively when students are at height and inverted. We will discuss class planning in the context of progress chains and how you can use combinations and sequences to challenge your students, avoid them hitting a plateau, and ensure safe progression to an advanced level.


Unit 1 - Introduction to Intermediate Hoop

This unit examines what constitutes an intermediate move and how to decide whether students are ready to progress onto the intermediate syllabus. We will cover a series of markers that will help you assess your students and techniques to introduce more challenging moves.

Unit 2 - Intermediate Hoop Moves

This unit starts with a progression of the core concepts. We will look at different techniques to introduce lifting into your classes and how you can encourage your students to execute moves more efficiently and move cleanly between positions. Muscular balance and bilateral training are covered before we introduce over 30 of the core intermediate syllabus moves. We look at each action in detail, from the teaching and safety points to progressions and regressions, also touching upon common problems.

Unit 3 - Introduction to Dynamic Movement

To begin this unit, we will recap the core concepts of creating momentum on a hoop; spinning and dropping. We will cover the rules of teaching dynamic movement and then give you variations on basic moves that you can work through with your students.

Unit 4 - Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance

When teaching at an intermediate level, there is a greater requirement for students to develop their strength, flexibility, and endurance to achieve more technical moves safely and effectively. This is the focus of unit 4. We look at a range of strength and conditioning exercises, areas of flexibility that need to be trained to progress to an advanced level, and methods of increasing hoop stamina and endurance.

Unit 5 - Progressive Teaching and Coaching

Unit 5 looks at ways to adapt your teaching methods to enable you to coach students working at height and inverted. We will cover how to progress towards a more student-led coaching system. Look at how you can effectively use progress chains to build lesson plans and how combinations and sequences will allow you to challenge your students, avoid them hitting plateaus and ensure safe progression to an advanced level.

Unit 6 - Intermediate Health and Safety

Our final unit will look at ways you will need to adapt the health and safety information covered in your level 1 course to make it relevant for an intermediate group. Again, our primary focus at this point is spotting, where we go into the different methods in more detail, progressing to cover spotting dynamic movement and partner spotting.

We require 100% attendance to graduate and receive a certificate of completion from this program. Class attendance will be taken throughout the training.


Theory assessment:

work through the learning material and answer the theory questions related to each unit.

Practical assessment:

Part 1: Class Introduction - Give an introduction to your aerial hoop class.

Part 2: Teaching Moves - Teach 3 individual moves from the course

Part 3: Combination of Moves - Demonstrate and teach a combination of 5 moves as a short flow with the music.

Upon successful completion of both exams, you will receive the Course Completion Certificate.


*Flying Fairy offers a free reassessment for those who failed the exam for the first time. The reassessment will be held on the same day. If you fail to pass the exam the second time, an HK$800 arrangement fee will be applied to each following reassessment(s).


  • Get in touch with us to get the promo code for the special offer. (If applicable)

  • Sign up for the training program online.

  • You’ll be received a confirmation email once you've made the payment.


Reach out to our Teacher Training Director via Email at or WhatsApp at +852 6565 3249.



Course Trainer

Natalie has consistently been training and coaching in Pole Dancing, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammock and Yoga, with stage performing experience since 2015. She is a certified instructor in Acrobatics, Aerial Arts, Pole Dancing and Yoga. With her abundant coaching experience, her expertise generally extends to relatable areas such as choreography and sport science.

Yoga Alliance - Hatha Yoga RYT 200 (2017)
Xpert - Spinning Pole Teacher Training (2019)
Xpert - Aerial Hoop Teaching Training (2019)
AASFP - Sports Science & Fitness Foundation (2020)
Yoga Alliance - Aerial Hammock Teacher Training (2021)
Yoga Alliance - Wheel Yoga Teacher Training (2021)

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